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OC Feature [9 Slots OPEN]

Fri Jan 17, 2014, 6:42 PM
-> For each of the first 20 people to comment on this journal, I will feature one of their characters. I'll also tell you what I like about them.

-> If you comment, please do the same in your journal, putting the tagger on in the first slot. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!

1. :iconzanyzarah:ODC app: Abhu by Zanyzarah
Abhu Singh
Ah! Of course I'd go with Abhu the precious little carny~<333 :iconuguufaceplz: 
I love how hard he tries to come across to others as such a man even though he's still so young and naive. I love he pouts at everything he doesn't like... it just makes you want to cuddle him. At least that's how I saw him. Design wise you gotta love his henna, his lovely bowl cut, his almond shaped honey colored eyes, and of course his jewelry - all of which was fun to draw. 

2.:iconprincesspuru:Tease by PrincessPuru
Mistress Tease
She is a wonderful combination of creepy and cute. Her clothes and personality are just wicked. Though, the thing that I've liked most about her has always been her fabulous hair - Even more so now that it's an undercut. 

3. :iconmissjollyollypop:Night Fall by MissJollyollypop 
Mabel Svart
She's the character that has always caught my attention in your gallery. I just love her design. She is absolutely gorgeous, honestly I love everything about her design from her hair to her clothes, even her personality is adorable. 

4. :iconjinxaroni:LoS: Lord Greed, Mammon by Jinxaroni
Wah! I was so difficult to chose just one Oc from your gallery. I so wanted to chose Envy and Lust, but I ended up with Greed. It's just OHMYGAWD his design. His hair, his clothes, the colors you went with for him - not all that bright yellow. I just love his overall design.

5. :iconllawll:Basilisk by llawll
My Gosh all your Ocs are freakin wonderful but I had to go with Ahmik. 
My gawd he is just so gorgeous I couldn't resist. :iconflirtylookplz: 
6. :iconkitchaaan:TIBUMERU -- KYLE by kitchaaan
Kyle is seriously all kinds of cute. 
My favorite thing about his design has got to be his hair.
7. :iconyukikou-chan:PA - Tariq by Yukikou-chan
Tariq Kormos
His design is badass! I really like the way he goes about wearing his uniform, his hair, and I would love to see his peircings more clearly. But what really won me over was his personality. 
Tariq is an absolutely cutey~<333
8. :iconacornbutt:Takachii by acornbutt
Gosh, all of your designs are wonderful but I had to go with Takachii. Look at this sexy SOB! 
Gawd, those clothes are just amazing there is so much detail on the coat and boots and everything. :iconamgtouchplz: 
His hair is just so cute and cool, I love how the black goes into bright orange. Pfft-- Lately I've been really into the color orange. :iconotakuingplz:  
9. :iconnamonn:<da:thumb id="380174380"/>
Granny Smith
Oh, jeez! His name *//A//* Only a true man can pull that off. He is so badass! Look at that pose, his clothes, his hair, and that weapon. :iconamgtouchplz: It helps that neon green colors always win me over. Oh, Wow, I'm in love with your art. How I wish someday to be able to draw like this. One can only dream, haha.

10. :iconkutty-sark:Lily and Spirits by Kutty-Sark
I went with lily cause she has somewhat of a jester feel to her. Her clothes are absolutely beautiful, so full of detail in every piece of clothing. I especially like her puffy pumpkin shorts and shoes.
11. :iconmrakobulka:The Goetia: Alejo by Mrakobulka
I can't help but find this bug eyed guy to be so darn adorable. I like his sense of style in clothes and weapons. Gotta love his curious and grumpy personality. 
12. :icon:
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